Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's the offseason in Football and Barbeque

     So I thought I'd go ahead and share some kickass music with my two and three quarter readers here. Keep in mind that this is in no particular order.

Judas Priest (Owens Era) - Cathedral Spires - Jugulator 1997
      Up first is a criminally undervalued Judas Priest song titled Cathedral Spires. (Really the entire Ripper Owens era of Priest is terribly underrated) This song really shows you that Priest can be Priest without the metal god manning the vocal position. Topping out at a little over nine minutes it can be slightly intimidating but if you are really a metalhead then you should be used to overlong and incredibly epic songs by now. I absolutely love the intro and Owens' piercing vocals... Epic song gets a ten out of ten from me.

Moving on..

Carcass - Heartwork - Heartwork 1993

     Next up is a song that I consider to be an absolute masterpiece of Death Metal (Or metal in general) Killer guitar tone, atomic clock drumming, and dem harmonies all make this a song that is without flaw. Even if you aren't a fan of extreme metal genre's I would consider giving this a listen if I were you just so you can tell your friends just how fucked up music has become since you were all wee lads. Definitely earns a nine out of ten from me, the only reason for nine being that the song isn't infinitely long. 

But Manuel, all this de-tuned chugga chugga makes my ears bleed.. can't you post some honest to gawd Metal?

I'm glad you asked dear reader, I can and certainly will post H2G Metal. In fact, lets do one now.

Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil  1985

     Here my friends is vintage metal decanted straight outta 1985. Grim Reaper was one of the greatest bands you've probably never heard of before. Riding on the NWOBHM-train they burst onto the scene in the early eighties and kicked around until releasing Fear No Evil (This is the title track duh!)  in 1985.  I've always wanted to do a cover of this song because it is straightforward and catchy, one of my favorite songs to date and definitely being put in a time capsule to make my grandkids ears bleed eighty years from now. (Grandpa is still a bastard even from beyond the grave - Remember that future grandchildren)  This song earns a Golden Cowbell (Equal to a ten/ten rating) for scratching that one itch that only the soothing sound of cowbell can cure. 

The Man needs his medicine.

   And now I'll Leave you with a double feature of one of my favorite bands.

Iced Earth - Watching Over Me - Alive in Athens 

  When people think of ballads they might think of bands like Dokken, LA Guns and Slaughter. And while I have much love for all three of those bands (Especially fuckin' Dokken!) I have to say that Iced Earth really puts the power into power ballad. As in all out face melting metallic assault on your eardrums intertwined with some beautiful and melodic clean sections.
Earns two thumbs WAY UP!

   Dante's Inferno - Burnt Offerings

    So we move on to the darker side of Iced Earth, Just look at that album cover! Guaranteed to make your local priest shit a brick and attempt an exorcism on your stereo, Dante's Inferno clocks in at a pick hand debilitating sixteen minutes! This song has soaring harmonies, demonic verses and of course.. Fuckin Gregorian chant. There is nothing on this earth more metal than being able to include gregorian chant in a metal song and not having it suck ass. At times brooding and melancholic, and other times demonically possessed this song is truly and I mean truly, an absolute Sistine Chapel level Metal Masterpiece. This song (and the entire album it spawned from) are deserving of the highest honors this blog can bestow - I hereby award this song The Golden Guitar Pick of Ultimate Destiny. Congratulations guys, you seriously earned that shit.


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