Friday, March 2, 2012

Introducing Weekly Artist Profiles

Took a bit of time off, my father had an emergency appendectomy so I didn't really feel all that much like posting.

On to the purpose of todays entry; Every week (until I run out of good bands to profile) I will take both myself and you the reader on a journey through a band's entire career. Sometimes these posts might be multi-week things as some bands I'd like to profile have been around for nearly three decades.

My objective is to introduce the one and a half steady readers here at HeavyMetalBarbeque to good bands that you might have heard of, might have liked back in the day but haven't kept up with, and good bands that you should have heard of. Above all I hope to diversify your musical tastes beyond what you are comfortable with.

Some of the things I hope to include in each week's entry are photos of the band, maybe snippets from magazines and news articles,short run throughs/reviews of each album, Live performances of some songs, and sometimes maybe a recording of myself covering a favorite song, and definitely a list of recommended listening at the end of each article.

If I have some time later today I might do a quickie on an up and comer band, but if not we will begin next week after I've done my research.

Stay Metal my friends.

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